Here I am!

hereiamI’ve spent the last few months of my life trying to cultivate some sense of inner peace. I’ve meditated, I’ve yoga-ed, I’ve even vegetarian-ed (that didn’t last long). It wasn’t until about a month ago that I really started to see a difference in the way that I approached situations in my life, and in the way that my life seemed to be turning around as a result of this newfound centeredness. My partner commented, my friends commented, my therapist commented, even my mother commented on how much more at-ease I seemed (and if you know my mother, you know that’s not the first word she would use to describe me). I started living in this dream world of “everything is hunky-dory” and “wow, the world can be such a better place if we all just meditate”. Yesterday, that came crashing down. In a conversation I won’t rehash, mainly because I just don’t want to, a friend of mine whom I’ve always considered to be one of the nicest and most genuine people I’ve ever met lashed out at me in my “luxury apartment in Virginia” and told me that I just didn’t understand anything about poverty or what is best for those stuck in a life of poverty. Ok, the conversation was about the Large Retailer Accountability Act, currently a topic of heated debate in DC. I channeled my inner Buddha, got in my lotus position, and with a smile on my face I said “Well, FUCK YOU!” It was liberating.

So, in that vein I present to you the view from my Ivory Tower. This is MY blog, and I will say what I think. Some may love it. Some may hate it. Some may do both. But I’m finished apologizing for what I think, what I believe and how I feel. So, stick with me and lets take this journey together. I have no idea where we’ll end up, but the destination is never really the point, is it?


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